Malaysia Day 2: Kuala Lumpur

So the story continues – on our second day in Malaysia, our schedule is to travel from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur where we will be staying until our flight back to the Philippines. Our booking at Faithview Hotel & Suites is also inclusive of breakfast. So, of course, we just had to take advantage of that since we still have a long day ahead of us.


We arrived at Mercu Summer Suites in KL a little after lunch, I think. The hotel’s lobby was so cute with all these aesthetic statues and seats around the area. After talking with the receptionist, doing the arrangements with the hotel, and leaving our things in our hotel room, we were off to visit Batu Caves.

We arrived there at around 1-ish in the afternoon, I think. There was this place just outside the temple where they sell caps, shirts, magnets, etc. They also have diners where we tried their Roti Prata which comes with different kinds of sauce and Iced Kopi (of course), Roti Milo, and this rice meal which I couldn’t remember what its called.


And then we went up – I think I died a couple of times because of the intense heat. I was asked to wear this thing on my hip as they don’t allow skirts and dresses(?) inside the temple, I’m not really sure.


Our second stop was Genting Highlands where we will ride the cable car from Resorts World which will pass through Awana Skyway going to our final temple visit for the day which is Chin Swee Caves Temple. It was a really long drive going there from Batu Caves that we sort of passed out a couple of times inside the cab.


Once we were there, the temperature dropped and I think I was the only one happy about it. I really like cold places, it makes me feel relaxed. Anyway, of all the temples we’ve visited, Chin Swee Caves Temple was my favorite.


After our visit at Chin Swee Caves Temple, we rode the cable car back to Resorts World Genting where we had our dinner at this food place where they serve different kinds of Malaysian and Singaporean food. I ordered laksa which I’ve been craving for since we got to Singapore but didn’t have the chance to try there.


The next day will be our last full day in Malaysia and the places on our list are a couple of temples and the Petronas Tower which is what I’ll be talking about in my next post!


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