Eureka! Moment #1: F.R.I.E.N.D.S


I am launching a new series on my blog called Eureka! Moment. I got this idea from our weekly stand-up meetings in the office where we were supposed to share something that we recently discovered — a new book, an old place that we do not know of, a new song, events, etc. I think they came up with this idea to help us improve our communication skills. It didn’t push through, though, because projects kept coming our way so we decided that it is more effective for the team if we talked about tasks assigned to each of us instead of sharing random things.

I took note of the topic because I thought it was a great idea to share little discoveries with everyone. I also like to think that discoveries need not to be discovered for the first time in history nor should it be co-related to big, scientific or technological stuff but little things that you find out that you never knew could help keep you going, or things that can make you smile, or simply just things that interest you.

With that, I am launching Eureka! Moment on my blog not only to improve my writing, but also to constantly remind myself that there are little things in life that I still don’t know of — things that are still yet to be discovered and found out by me which can turn out to be a favorite thing, song, book, etc.

So before I share my first discovery, here are some ground rules everyone should keep in mind while reading Eureka! Moment:

  1. I am aware of the possibility that some of you may already know of my discoveries, but I don’t need anyone pointing that out. This series is about me discovering things that I am not aware of in the past — events that have transcribed in earlier years, books that were published long ago (that I am only reading just now), songs that aren’t really new, places that I never knew existed, etc.
  2. I also don’t need anyone telling me how lame or little these discoveries are, nor how it doesn’t make that big an impact to the world. People discover a lot of things everyday and not everything they discover make an impact immediately nor it will make an impact in 5 to 10 year’s time. In a similar note, not all discoveries need to make a huge impact. Sometimes, it only needs to make an impact to a few people.

Now, to begin with introducing you to my newest discovery:

Now, I chose Friends for my pilot post for Eureka! Moment because I recently discovered my love for it during the long weekend. I planned on actually getting some reading done, but since my cousin kept insisting that I try watching Friends once and for all, I gave in. As soon as I hit the play button for S01E01, it was too hard for me to stop. I finished two seasons with 20+ episodes each during the weekend and I just can’t get over it!

It’s actually been on my Netflix list for a very long time, but I just didn’t have the time to start watching it. This weekend, though, I gave in to my cousin’s requests since I’ve been hearing a lot of news that it will no longer be available for viewing in Netflix next year.

One of the reasons I have come to love watching it is because it just gives me that old 90s to early 2000s feels where everything just seems so… chill. Also, I am so in love with Rachel’s outfits! Like her plaid skirts, skorts, stockings, and semi-cropped tops.

Another thing that draws me into watching it is the fact that it makes me laugh. Little things that make me laugh are very important these days, given that I am literally stressed out thinking about a lot of things — especially the future.

I just love discovering old stuff like this — it makes me reminisce of a time that was long forgotten or even of a time that I never really lived in but just gives you that kind of feels.