Lenn is a 20-something blogger from the Philippines who aims to inspire the world through this creative little space where she writes book reviews, lists of books she’s read and want to read, skincare reviews, travels, and other personal stuff. She’s been sharing bits and pieces of her life in the blogosphere since 2009.

In a world where everyone has unlimited access to everything with one Google search away, Lenn uses the internet to talk about life, books, adventures, and everything else in between.

Quick Backgrounder

Lenn’s passion for writing started as a school project where her English teacher at the time required the whole class to write a diary. She wrote about her daily life — she wrote about how other people from school would make fun of her, how what everyone think affects her daily life, how she hates going to school but hates staying at home even more, and basically everything that’s bottled up inside her mind. She realized that writing was therapeutic and helped her get through each day.

When the school year finally ended and her English teacher at the time transferred to another school the next, she found herself continuing her diary until she discovered the blogosphere in 2009.

Lenn has continued writing and sharing her experiences online up to this day.

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