Books have been a big part of my life and the story of my love for them goes a long way. As I grew up, my taste changed from picture books to fairytales to magical worlds + romance + mystery/thrillers, but I never outgrew my love for reading at all; I think you can never really outgrow something you have passion for.

I have always loved books and reading, but my taste really started to change back in high school when my then English teacher (the same English teacher I mentioned in my About) would require us to buy a certain book of his choice during that famous Scholastic Book Fair. He would make us write a book report after we’re finished with it; the titles he would choose ranged from classic to historical fiction and so on, I have never enjoyed working on projects as much as I enjoyed working on those book reports.

So I am dedicating a section of my blog to celebrate my love for books and reading. In this section, I will write about my bookish thoughts and fixations: The books I read, the books I want to read, the books I didn’t quite like, bookish events, and a lot more.