5 Ramen Places

It wasn’t long ago when ramen became one of the most favorite Japanese food in the Philippines. Just a few years back, all these ramen places started popping everywhere in the Metro.

I have loved that warm bowl of rich, savory soup and noodles since I first tasted it but not as much as I loved it now. My boyfriend is also a “ramen lover” (if you’d like to call it that), and most of our dates are over this huge bowl of sumptuousness and over the course of a year, we’ve tried a couple of ramen places near our office. Continue reading

Milk Tea Date 101

The real plan was having dinner at one of Alabang’s new restaurant, but decided to just hang somewhere near our place because we all bet there’d be a lot of people in the mall since the holidays are getting nearer. So we went to this milk tea place that I’ve been eyeing every time I pass by Rosario.

We actually just chatted and talked about so many random stuff. It’s been a while since we last saw each other and it just fascinates me every time that despite not constantly seeing each other, nothing really ever changes between our friendship. It remains as constant as the world. And that is really one thing I treasure the most.

It’s always a good time with these people. So much love, guys. I missed you all.