In the place where every ending is entangled with a new beginning, and each night is a bridge to another day…

You came at the time when I wasn’t looking, at the time when all my doors and windows are closed. You came knocking at my doorstep without uttering a single word as I let you in without questions asked. I opened the door, welcomed you in, and made you feel comfortable.

I will let you stay in the depths of my heart for as long as you want. I will let you make my entirety your home and my love your blanket.

Let me fill your days with certainty as you stay calm in my arms every day. So as when you close your eyes and sleep, you wouldn’t have to worry, because I will still love you the moment you wake up.

I will walk with you, stop at places if you ever feel tired, and I’d even walk backwards if we ever feel the need to trace back our tracks.

I may not know if my love would ever suffice how I truly feel for you and I may not be the prettiest girl to brag about, but please let me choose you every single day for the rest of my life.

Because in my eyes, there is only you.

I love you.


I hate it when people stare at me
or notice the way I dress,
or the way I talk.
I hate talking in front of a huge crowd,
even if it’s only for less than five minutes.
I like the peacefulness of just being
in the background of things.

Then there was you,
and suddenly,
I want every bit of attention
from you.

The bottom line is,
I don’t want to be just in the background
of your story.
I don’t want to be just a concept.
I want to be the one
who fills your mind,
day in and day out.
I want to occupy every inch of your system,
your world —  your future.

Falling for the Universe

My mind is filled with so much thought of you that I think of you in everything that I do.

Yesterday, I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest because of my love for you.

Today, my heart feels like it’s detonating because it is filled with so much of you.

Tomorrow, my love for you will continue to grow until it spreads through every part of my system.

It will spread through every part of me like the way the sun’s rays spreads through the Earth and brightens each of our days.

You ignited so much within me that my love for you will soon be as enormous as the universe itself.

The point is, my love for you is consuming that even through your worst days and even through the days when you show how fundamentally flawed you are, I will still love you as much.

Universe & You

I never asked for anything, yet I found someone who not only shines like a star but resembles the whole universe…

You are the Sun that promises beautiful mornings, lovely afternoons, new beginnings, and brighter days.

You are the Moon that guards the night with its light on the darkest of hours.

You are all of the stars — you shine so beautifully that my heart seems to be at its most tranquil state even by just staring at you.

You are all the planets that fill and complete the solar system. You are both breath-taking and inexplicable; you are a mystery that I am willing to spend my entire life solving.

But most of all, you are my today and all of my tomorrows. You are a blessing that I will forever thank God for giving me.

Plot Twist

This is probably one of the rawest things I have ever written.

I wasn’t looking for love, yet I found him – the line may sound cliché but the whole story is far from that. I found him under the strangest of circumstances, at the most unexpected place and time. It wasn’t something people or even I would’ve easily liked nor understood, but it happened.

If someone told me a few months back that I would be in that situation, I would’ve laughed at their face. To be completely honest, I never really understood it until I was in the exact same situation and defending myself won’t make it right nor would it make me any less at fault. Maybe I was selfish but being with him felt more right than anything I ever did my entire life. I can apologize to the people I’ve hurt in the process, but I know my apology won’t lessen their pain.

I could’ve walked away right then and there if I followed my mind instead of my heart, but in that moment, I was willing to take the risk. Heck, I was even willing to jump headfirst into the pits of the problem, if it meant spending the rest of my life with him. In fact, if I was ever given the chance to walk away beforehand, I would still choose to go through the process of falling in love with him.

The thing is, I have always tried to be the good girl everyone wants me to be. I’ve been following the rules my whole life but for once–just this once–I want to do something for myself. It’s not just about me wanting to break the rules nor trying to be a “rebel,” but it’s more about the thought that I’m letting the possibility of being genuinely happy pass me by just because I want to please the people around me.

There are no words to describe how I feel about him. We could hold each other’s hands forever and that still wouldn’t suffice how much I want to be near him. I never liked it when someone invades my personal space, but somehow, with him, invading my personal space isn’t enough; suddenly, ‘too close’ isn’t quite enough.

So, tell me, how could I ever let the greatest plot twist of all time slip away from my grasp just like that?