Anilao, Batangas: Camp Netanya



Just a two to three-hour drive away from Manila’s busy streets is the province of Batangas which is known for its many beaches and excellent diving spots; and situated in one of Batangas’ popular towns is this Santorini-inspired resort that is famous for its aesthetically pleasing domes and interior.

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Malaysia Day 4: Last Day

Photo by JNVQ

I don’t think I already mentioned in my previous posts that our trip was originally just until the 25th of June, but sometime during May, we were informed that there were no scheduled flights on that date, so our flight back home was re-scheduled to the 27th instead. So, on our last day, we decided to wake up a little later than usual because we were all too exhausted from the previous days. We didn’t have anything on our itinerary, anyways. Continue reading